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    Pest Control

    The key to most effective pest treatment is correct identification of pest and its source. Any pesticide treatment carried out without properly identifying the pest is not likely to bring out desired results. The best way to proceed, therefore, is to book an inspection first and go for a proper treatment ONLY if it is actually required. Bug Buggers Pest Control not only offers an Inspection visit at very nominal rates but also reimburses the inspection cost, if further treatment is booked within one month of the inspection. In other words, if you get a treatment followed within a month of an inspection, your inspection will be totally free of cost. So why look any further, just book a visit now at +1-306-850-4418 

    Preventive Control Treatment

    Pest Exterminator

    Prevention is better than cure. Rightly said and the wise thing to do. In the neighborhoods more prone to pest infestation the best approach is to have a preventive treatment right before the start of breading season and your house should remain pest free for entire season. Remember!!! Not letting a pest enter is much easier than getting rid of an entire infestation entrenched somewhere inside the structure. So if you reside close to heavy vegetation, have a park just beside your home or just happen to have carefree neighbors that don’t mind having few crawlers around, call us and book an appointment for preventive treatment before next breading season. 

    Indoor Insects Treatment

    Bed Bugs

    If you are getting horrified by creatures, crawling on your walls or floors, we are the answer to your worries. Just give a call and get exclusive services of our expert applicators which include treatment and a free of cost overall gap inspection of your building, so that you can find and close all potential entry points. We take care of Spiders, Ants, Maple Bugs, Carpet Beatles, Sow Bugs, Pill Bugs and many other creatures. We not only give priority services to our valued clients, but also give loyalty discounts to returning customers. You book our services once, you avail our discounts forever. 

    Outdoor Insects Treatment

    Wasps Bees Nests

    Wasps, Hornets, Spiders or Bugs - they are all a nuisance wherever they are. Don’t risk yourself and your neighbors by messing with their nests, call Bug Buggers Pest Control and stay safe. We will take care of all the hazards to keep your backyards safe for your kids and for you 

    Rodents Treatment

    Mice Treatment

    Rodents can be one of the most difficult pests to keep out of your house. These creatures can pass through minute openings and reach unexpected locations. If you treat them without proper sanitization of your place, rest assured you are going to see them again. Just let our experts visit your place for proper gap analysis followed by a fool proof treatment so that your rodent problem is solved once and for all. 

    Bed Bugs Treatment

    Bedbugs Bed Bugs

    If you have them, you have an immediate issue to deal with. Bed bugs can hide in minutest of cracks and folds, in your furniture, walls, floor, curtains and linen etc, and multiply. But you need not to worry now. Whether the infestation is chronic or new, Bug Buggers Pest Control is here to help you get rid of Bed Bugs in Saskatoon and surrounding areas. Just call us at 3068504418 or email at bugbuggers@outlook.com for inspection visits or free estimates. 

    Birds and Bats Removal

    Bats Removal

    Birds and bats can cause major damages to the buildings. They not only leave their droppings all over the place, creating an un-pleasent outlook, but also damage the inner structures by residing in them and making the nests. not only that, but many of them transmit a number of deseased as well. If you are facing an issue involving birds of bats, Bug Buggers Pest Control is the right place to call. We have the ability and resources to take care of all your pest problems. 

    Commercial Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Services

    Rodents Pest Control

    Commercial outfits are usually more vulnerable to pest infestations. While these infestations are otherwise a general health hazard, a commercial setup may be legislatively required to have a pest free environment. Bug Buggers Pest Control provides a complete solution starting from a Gap Analysis Survey leading to an Action Plan. Our action plans adopt IPM approach wherein we will formulate and deploy a custom made comprehensive solution basing on most suitable and up to date prevention, deterrence and elimination techniques. We provide both one time Deployment as well as Contractual Services. IPM services are also available for domestic clients if desired 

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